Bulletin no. 29

December 16, 2015 to January 15, 2016
Please consult the indicated INDICO pages for agendas, connections, and other details. In case of questions, please contact the LPC Coordinators:

Meenakshi Narain - narain at hep.brown.edu
Boaz Klima - klima at fnal.gov

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December 2015
Run2 Discussion Groups (December 21, 2015. 12 pm) - Indico Agenda
    "b/t/H/W/Z tagging" - James Dolen (SUNY Buffalo), Caterina Vernieri (Fermilab), Meenakshi     Narain (Brown)

January 2016
Run2 Discussion Groups (January 8, 2016. 2 pm) - Indico Agenda
    "Triggers, lepton ID (e/mu/tau)" - Edward Laird (Brown), Lovedeep Saini (KSU), Si Xie
    (Caltech), Leonard Spiegel (Fermilab)
CMSDAS @ LPC (January 11-16, 2016) - Indico Agenda
    CMS Data Analysis School at the LPC
Kerstin Borras at the LPC (January 12, 2016. 10:30 am) - Indico Agenda
    "My vision for the future of CMS" - Kerstin Borras (DESY)

Editor - Jesus Orduna - (jjesus at fnal dot gov)