LPC Distinguished Researcher


Mariarosaria D'Alfonso



What I will be working on:

I’m designing an innovative extension of the high granularity calorimeter in the forward region. At the moment, such an upgrade has not been planned yet by the CMS collaboration. I started from setting up the software chain from the simulation up to the dedicated reconstruction which will be used to support the design choice solving constraints from radiation damage, pileup profile and mechanical support. The gain from larger acceptance and improvements in the trigger and offline reconstructions opens one-of-a-kind opportunity to the VBS measurements and can anticipate the unraveling of the true nature of the EWSB. A new standard established by the analysis of selected VBS channels in the proton-proton (pp) collisions recorded by the CMS experiment, within the period 2016-2018, brings an essential input to my roadmap for full exploitation of the new forward calorimeter.

My role in CMS past and present:

I was a major player in the construction of the CMS Silicon Strip Tracker: I saw the first TIB module and I left the project when the whole Tracker was ready to move to P5. During the LHC-Run1, my research program was centered on searches for new particles, forces and symmetries inspired by Supersymmetric models in both hadronic and leptonic mode. I defined the simplified models spectra for the susy interpretations of the CMS results. During the first long shutdown I worked on the Wmass precision measurement and focused on the understanding of the missing energy reconstruction and its precise calibration. With the LHC-Run2 dataset, I am searching for additional higgs bosons to test the spontaneous electroweak symmetry breaking mechanism. I took care of the HCAL detector performance to ensure smooth 2018 data taking and a well planned transition during the long shutdown.