LPC - Snowmass efforts

The current experimental particle physics projects consist of thousands of physicists from across the globe. These large scale international collaborations have big budgets. Their future endeavours and roadmap to potential discoveries requires a careful long term planning. The Snowmass epitomizes the effort by the high-energy physics community in the United States to collaborate and plan out a common future keeping in mind the long-term physics aspirations and leadership of the United States in the field of particle physics.

The LPC center at Fermilab has a prime role to play in the Snowmas given that it is the hub of about 1000 US physicsts collaborating on the CMS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider and playing a key role in physics analysis and discovery process at this experiment. It has vast computing resources and in-house experts on physics, experimentation, simulation and software and computing tools.

The snowmass efforts at LPC represents a collaborative effort carried out by a group of people drawn from CMS and ATLAS experiments as well as theorists. This group has taken lead in a very short time to successfully put together a physics program to drive the future course of US HEP program. With a dedicated team they have been able to collect a huge amount of Monte Carlo data based on simulating the response of a generic detector to the passage of particles produced from a proton-proton collisions at several TeV center of mass energy. With billions of events from this data they have been able to simulate physics processes of interests for the future.