Bulletin no. 112
Last updated on Friday December 16, 2022 at 10:45
Upcoming Events at the LPC
All LPC events are held in hybrid (in person and remote) format unless otherwise specified.
Please consult the indicated INDICO pages for agendas, connections, and other details. In case of questions, please contact the LPC Coordinators:

Bo Jayatilaka - boj at fnal.gov
Kevin Black - kblack at hep.wisc.edu
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December 2022 and beyond
LPC Physics Analysis Discussion (December 19, 2022; 1:00pm; Sunrise WH11NE and Zoom) - Indico Agenda
    "Jets, MET, PU, b/t/H/W/Z tagging, Triggers, Lepton ID, Machine Learning, Generators"
DR Office Hours (December 19, 2022; 3:30pm-4pm; Wilson Hall 11 ROC (WH11NW)) - Indico Category
     Fengwangdong Zhang (UC Davis), Jingyu Zhang (Florida State U.)
LPC Journal Club (December 20, 2022; 12pm, Sunrise WH11NE and Zoom) - Info
     Daniel Spitzbart (Boston U.)
CMSDAS@LPC 2023 (Jan 9-13, 2023) - Indico Agenda
    Gabriele Benelli (Brown), Kevin Black (Wisconsin), Bo Jayatilaka (Fermilab), Sergo Jindariani (Fermilab), Marguerite Tonjes (UIC)
Wine and Cheese Seminar (January 13, 2023; 4:00pm; One West WH1W and Zoom) - Info
     “Knowns and unknowns: discovery potential in LHC anomalies” - Kevin Pedro (Fermilab)
Wine and Cheese Seminar (February 3, 2023; 4:00pm; One West WH1W and Zoom) - Info
     “Measurement of the Higgs boson width and evidence of its off-shell contributions to ZZ production” - Ulascan Sarica (UCSB)
Wine and Cheese Seminar (April 21, 2023; 4:00pm; One West WH1W and Zoom) - Info
     “Hunting for jets resonances at CMS : Highlights and Prospects” - Niki Saoulidou (University of Athens)