The Dawn of the Discovery Era

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The CMS Data Analysis School (CMSDAS) is designed to help CMS physicists from across the collaboration to learn, or to learn more, about CMS analysis and thereby to participate in significant ways to the discovery and elucidation of the new physics we so eagerly await. This hands-on can do school was hugely successful in 2010 and 2011.

Both years junior and senior attendees alike said it was the best workshop of its type they had ever experienced. By popular request CMSDAS has become global for 2012. There will be schools in the Americas (LPC) and Europe (Pisa) in January, with a school in Asia (Taiwan) planned for later in 2012. The format for each school is the same, and many of the same facilitators will be at both. With three schools it will be easier for CMS members to attend one of the schools without an inter-continental trip. However, CMS members from all regions are welcome at each school. We are hoping for the same kind of stand out success in 2012 as in the past two years.

This year the emphasis at CMSDAS is on new physics. The school starts with a morning devoted to inspirational plenary talks. In 2011 the lecturers included luminaries Joel Butler, JoAnne Hewett, Eric Prebys, and Gigi Rolandi. As soon as this year's speakers are determined their names will be posted here. The essential feature of the school is the execution of a series of short exercises (several hours duration) on all of the objects from jets to muons and on techniques from event generators to setting upper limits during the first half of the school and detailed physics measurements with the 2011 data set (the long exercises) in a 2.5 day intensive period by focused teams of about 6-8 students in the second half of the school. The long exercises in 2012 will range from standard model cross sections to new physics: SUSY, exotica and Higgs. Both the short and long exercises are designed and facilitated by teams of 2-3 CMS experts. Some of the experts involved in 2011 were Bob Cousins, Joe Incandela, and Greg Landsberg and many others.

Some of the 2010 & 2011 students became plugged in to a CMS measurement through a long exercise at the school and then went on to be part of the CMS measurement team on the first paper. The exercises become part of the CMS software Guide and are supported after the event by the CMS PAT team benefiting many beyond those that attend the school. In these ways the CMSDAS contributes to building CMS.

Prior to the school attendees complete pre-School exercises introducing CMSSW, DBS, fitting, etc. which ensures a fast start at the event. The 2010 & 2011 pre-School exercises have been described by some attendees as a very effective introduction to CMS software and have been used widely on CMS.


For the school on Jan 10-14 2012 at LPC:

For the school on Jan 23-27 2012 at Pisa:


At the School, there will be two types of exercise...short: ~2 hrs, long ~ 2 days

A list of the short and long exercises from 2011 may be found below. Full details of the 2012 exercises will be added here as they become available. We expect most exercises to be the same at both schools.

Short Exercises

  1. Jets
  2. Generators (sequence of 3)
  3. ROOSTATS (sequence of 3)
  4. Btag & Vertexing
  5. Tracking
  6. Photons
  7. Electrons
  8. Particle Flow
  9. Muons
  10. Event Visualization
  11. MET and High-MET Event Scan
  12. SUSY OSETs

Long Exercises

  1. Search for Dijet Resonances
  2. Search for the Z1
  3. Top Cross Section
  4. Upsilon Cross Section
  5. Search for the Higgs (high mass)
  6. Photons: New Physics
  7. Exotica: Black Holes

Logistical Details