General Guidelines and Policies for the LPC Guests and Visitors (G&V) Program

Goal of the program

The main aim of the Guests and Visitors (G&V) program is to facilitate CMS collaborators to spend time at the LPC and collaborate with other LPC residents/applicants on projects that advance, enrich, and impact the interests of the CMS experiment.


The G&V program is open to all CMS members both from U.S. and non-U.S. institutions. This includes students, postdocs, scientists and faculty.

Applicants must be associated with a CMS institution during their stay at the LPC.

Duration of stay

The G&V program is flexible in that it allows applications for stay periods anywhere from several weeks up to several months, but no more than one year. During this period, successful applicants are required to be based at Fermilab, at the LPC, where a suitable working space will be provided.

Expenses covered

Applicants from US institutions:

  • The G&V program can support explicit requests for local expenses while at the LPC, but it does not cover other travel expenses (e.g. air-fare, visa costs) or relocation costs. Modest buyout requests for faculty can also be considered, especially when in-kind support is provided by the applicant's home institution.

Applicants from non-US institutions:

  • The G&V program can support explicit requests for lodging and per-diem but it does not cover other travel expenses (e.g. air-fare, visa costs) or relocation costs.

Structure of the application

The application must include the following information:

  • A short paragraph stating the objective of the visit.
  • Duration of stay and fraction of time at Fermilab.
  • Personnel involved in the project other than the applicant, their role in the project and their location during the period of the applicant's stay at the LPC.
  • A one-page description of the project that includes the work expected to be accomplished by the applicant, including a list of deliverables at the end of the stay.
  • Budget request listing the items and amounts for which support is requested.
  • For faculty or senior applicants, the project description should include a statement of the way their visits will benefit the LPC users at-large and their role in scientific activities of the LPC, namely involvement with activities which go beyond the applicant's own group at the LPC.
  • For graduate students and postdocs, at least one supporting letter for the application by other parties that have a stake in the application is required. These can be from collaborators on the same project, supervisors, CMS managers, convenors, other LPC residents, etc.
  • For projects where participation from multiple applicants is proposed each of those applicants must submit a separate application stating the collaborative aspects of the project.
  • Students' applications must be submitted by their advisor.
  • For faculty and senior researchers, a cv is required.

The application should be submitted online using the form here .

Recommendation support letters (PDF), CV (PDF), and/or the Referee evaluation form (Excel) should be submitted to Terry Grozis (tgrozis at


A one-page report summarizing the work done by the applicant should be submitted at the end of the stay. A presentation of this work at the LPC may be requested.


Previous participants of the LPC G&V program can submit applications for a new term.

Participants awarded during the last two years will be asked to describe the outcomes from their recent participation in the LPC G&V program in their application (max. 200 words).

In addition, a letter is required from one of the contacts from their previous visit about the work done by the applicant during their previous visit. The same person may write a support for the current application in the same letter when appropriate.


In case of questions please contact the LPC coordinators.

Cecilia E. Gerber (UIC)
(gerber at

Sergo R. Jindariani (FNAL)
(sergo at

The G&V program supports visitors from both US and international institutions.

International visitors who need a visa should consider applying for a longer term - unto 1 year duration and plan a start date which allows for getting the paperwork completed prior to arrival e. g. invitation from Fermilab and visa process.

We encourage cost sharing by the home institutions.