LPC Coffee Hour

  • What is it? Informal chat with healthy food and coffee to discuss anything interesting at LPC
  • When? Normally the first Wed. of the month, 1 - 2 pm
  • Where? Normally WH11ROC
  • What you need to do? Audience: Prepared to be social. Presenters: No slides please, but you can use white/smart board or bring cue cards.
× For information about how to get on-site, please got to the Campus Access & Experience webpage.

Upcoming Coffee Hour Event

June 7, 2023, Wed. 1:00-2:00 pm, WH11NE (Sunrise)

Date Chat initiators Note
June 7, 2023 (Wed) @1:00pm
Aleksandra Krol Let's talk about physics: Science communications and the art of persuasion
November 16, 2022 (Wed) @1:00pm Sridhara Dasu and Sergo Jindariani Future Colliders: C^3 and Muon Collider
October 13th, 2022 (Thu) @1:00pm Farah Fahim (w/ special guests Jim Hirschauer and Nhan Tran) (Fermilab) Title: Ultrafast Neural Networks for on-detector data processing
August 24th, 2022 (Wed) @1:00pm Aleksandra Ciprijanovic (Fermilab) Title: Cosmic Baby Pictures - What the recent JWST images tell us Pictures
October 21st, 2020 (Wed) @1:00pm Bo Jayatilaka (Fermilab) Title: Snowmass Community Planning Meeting Review
March 11th, 2020 (Wed) @1:00pm Alex Drlica-Wagner (Large Synoptic Survey Telescope) Title: Everything You Didn't Know to Ask About LSST
November 19th, 2019 (Tue) @2:00pm Karl Warburton (Iowa State University) Title: Comparing Liquid Argon and Water Cherenkov Neutrino Detectors
October 2nd, 2019 (Wed) @2:00pm Peter Dong and the IMSA-CMS team Title: Not your typical high school physics class!
August 21st, 2019 (Wed) @3:00pm Steve Mrenna (Fermilab) Title: SciDAC/HPC Opportunities for the LPC Pictures
February 27th, 2019 (Wed) @1:00pm Gerald Gabrielse (Northwestern University) Title: Mistry of the electron magnetic moment Pictures
February 20th, 2019 (Wed) @1:00pm Joshua Isaacson (Fermilab) Title: What can you do with LHC Precision? A Theorist's Perspective Pictures
December 14th, 2018 (Wed) @1:00pm Sal Rappoccio (SUNY Buffalo) Title: How many bananas are in a transatlantic flight - How nuclear power can save us all.
April 25th, 2018 (Wed) @1:00pm Tom Weber (Planet Freedom) Title: How To Remember Everything Pictures
April 4th, 2018 (Wed) @1:00pm Boaz Klima (Fermilab) Moriond/QCD 2018
January 30th, 2018 (Tue) @1:00pm Jim Annis (Fermilab) Kilonova-2017: gravitational waves, photons, and neutrino winds
November 29th, 2017 (Wed) @1:30pm Aaron Chou (Fermilab) Title: Detecting dark matter axions with superconducting qubits, quantum non-demolition measurements for HEP
November 1st, 2017 (Wed) @2:30pm Roberto Carlin (Padova) Title: CMS challenges in the current run and a look into the future Pictures
October 5th, 2017 (Th) @1:00pm Joe Lykken (Fermilab), Cristian Pena (Caltech/Fermilab) Title: Quantum Networks Pictures
August 8th, 2017 (Tue) @1:00pm Sergei Gleyzer (University of Florida) Title: Machine Learning in Particle Physics Pictures
April 11th, 2017 (Tue) @1:00pm Dan Green (Fermilab) Title: Cosmology and Particle Physics
March 1st, 2017 (Wed) @1:00pm Vladimir Shiltsev (Fermilab) Title: Current HEP accelerator landscape and challenges of future machines Pictures
February 22nd, 2017 (Wed) @2:30pm Marcela Carena and Zhen Liu (Fermilab) Title: Looking under the Higgs Lamppost Pictures
December 14th, 2016 (Wed) @1:00pm Jim Pivarski (Princeton) Title: Data plumbing: managing large datasets
October 31st, 2016 (Mo) @1:30pm Marcela Carena and Zhen Liu (Fermilab) Title: Understanding interference effects in BSM heavy resonance searches
September 28, 2016 (Wed) @1:00pm Beate Heinemann (DESY and University of Freiburg) Title: Studies related to gender and geographic diversity in the ATLAS Collaboration
August 17, 2016 (Wed) @2:30pm Ian Shipsey (Oxford) Title: UK vs US science - similarities and differences Pictures
August 15, 2016 (Mon) @1:30pm Phil Harris (CERN) Title: Collider dark matter: Where we stand after ICHEP Pictures
May 4, 2016 (Wed) Marcelle Soares-Santos (Fermilab) and Brenna Flaugher (Fermilab) Topic: Pixels in Space
November 4, 2015 (Wed) Jonathan Asaadi (University of Texas Arlington) and Ben Carls (Fermilab) Topic: The Fermilab short-baseline neutrino program Pictures
October 28, 2015 (Wed) FPIX Team: Douglas Berry (UIC), Jamie Antonelli (Ohio State), John Stupak (Purdue Calumet), Hannsjoerg Weber (Fermilab), James Dolen (SUNY Buffalo) and Stephanie Timpone (Fermilab). Topic: Forward pixel detector development at Fermilab Pictures
October 7, 2015 (Wed) Patrick Fox Topic: Model Building for Run2 of the LHC Pictures
September 1, 2015 (Tue) Don Lincoln Topic: Speaking with the public: Why and How? Pictures
August 20, 2015 (Thu) Wesley H. Smith and Darin Acosta Topic: LHC Phase 2 Trigger Upgrades Pictures
April 1, 2015 (Wed) Dmitri Denisov and Ashutosh Kotwal Topic: Toward 100 TeV pp collider Pictures
February 11, 2015 (Wed) Roni Harnik Topic: Potential New Physics at Run 2
January 21, 2015 (Wed) John Peoples Topic: History leading to building Tevatron at Fermilab Pictures
December 10, 2014 (Wed) Jeff Berryhill, Rick Cavanaugh, and Ben Kreis Topic: L1: Better triggering through calorimetry Pictures
October 1, 2014 (Wed) Jason St John Topic: Drowning in Liquid Argon Pictures
August 6, 2014 (Wed) Tulika Bose Topic: Triggering on physics online in Run 2 Pictures
July 23, 2014 (Wed) Raoul Rontsch and Sergo Jindariani Topic: Interesting results from ICHEP 2014 Pictures
June 3, 2014 (Tue) Nigel Lockyer Topic: P5 Outcome and CMS Pictures
May 6, 2014 Lucia Silvestris Topic: Upgrade Project & Preview of the TP Workshop Pictures
April 2, 2014 Boaz Klima Topic: Moriond QCD: new & exciting? Pictures
March 21, 2014 George Zweig Topic: Life and Science Pictures
March 12, 2014 Christopher T. Hill Topic: New theoretical insights (arXiv:1401.4185)
February 5, 2014 Patty McBride Topic: Fermilab CMS Center status and plans Pictures
Michael Lindgren Overview of Fermilab physics program Pictures
January 8, 2014 No Coffee Hour Event CMS Data Analysis School at Fermilab
December 18, 2013 No Coffee Hour Event LPC/CMS-Center Holiday Lunch
November 13, 2013 Steve Nahn Topic: LHC detector upgrades
October 9, 2013 Meenakshi Narain Topic: Reflections on Nobel prize for Higgs boson Pictures Video1 Video2 Video3 Video4
Jim Hirschauer and Kaori Maeshima Topic: Report from ECFA Community Planning Meeting Pictures Video
August 7, 2013 Jake Anderson Topic: Future of young people in High Energy Physics Pictures Video
Sridhara Dasu CMS trigger upgrade Pictures Video
July 17, 2013 Kalanand Mishra and Nhan Tran Topic: Interesting tidbits from Lepton Photon 2013 Pictures
June 5, 2013 Dan Hooper Topic: Sneak Peak into Dark Matter World Pictures
Rick Cavanaugh Physics Opportunities with LHC 13 TeV Collisions Pictures
May 1, 2013 Elizabeth Sexton-Kennedy Topic: Releases and Software for CMS Physics - past and future data Pictures Video
Joel Butler Snowmass2013 Pictures Video
April 3, 2013 Jeffrey Berryhill Topic: Opportunities in Standard Model Physics Pictures Video
Steve Mrenna Core Dump :-) ! Pictures Video

Current organizers - Kaori Maeshima and Aidan Grummer   (e-mail)

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