LPC Guests and Visitors (G&V) Program

HCAL HATS photo 2017

The main aim of the Guests and Visitors (G&V) program is to facilitate CMS collaborators to spend time at the LPC and collaborate with other LPC residents/applicants on projects that advance, enrich, and impact the interests of the CMS experiment. The G&V program is open to all CMS members both from U.S. and non-U.S. institutions. This includes students, postdocs, scientists and faculty. Applicants must be employed by a CMS institution during their stay at the LPC. Given that the G&V is funded by the Operations program, proposals must include an operations and/or upgrade component for CMS. A Physics component is encouraged but not required.

Current (Ongoing 2022) and previous LPC Guests and Visitors are listed here.

General Guidelines and Policies for the LPC Guests and Visitors Program are here.

As a reference, a preview of the application in PDF format, with the full list of questions in the online form can be found here, feel free to review it and prepare your answers in advance so you have them ready before starting your application.

The LHC Physics Center (LPC) is pleased to announce a call for proposals for short stays at the LPC as part of the G&V program on a rolling basis. Proposals should be submitted at least two months in advance of the proposed start date.

Please note that due to the COVID-19 situation, some restrictions on activities at Fermilab facilities may be present and can vary. The G&V program enables onsite presence at Fermilab and the LPC, and given the COVID situation, and anticipating a lower number of applications right now, we are accepting them on a rolling basis instead of having a fixed application period. Successful applicants will be required to obtain Fermilab approval for site access and meet all COVID testing/vaccination requirements for Fermilab site access.

Proposals should be filled in via the application form Advisors are expected to submit the application on behalf of their students. Recommendation support letters (PDF) and evaluation form (Excel) for students and postdoc applicants should be submitted via online recommendation submission form.

A review of the proposals by the LPC G&V committee chair and the LPC Coordinators will be conducted on rolling basis with results communicated to the proponents expeditiously.

The LPC Guest Program Committee

  • Todd Adams (Florida State)
  • Robin Erbacher (UC Davis)
  • Andreas Jung (Purdue, Chair)
  • David Sperka (Boston)

Ex-Officio: LPC Coordinators

  • Kevin Black (FNAL)
  • Bo Jayatilaka (FNAL)