Hands-on Advanced Tutorial Sessions at the LPC - HATS@LPC and LPC Academic Lectures

The schedule for upcoming and past HATS@LPC and LPC academic lectures is maintained in this page. Details on each tutorial, including an Indico page with a description will be announced as the event gets closer. All HATS@LPC sessions will take place in the Sunrise 11th floor conference room (WH11NE) at the LPC.
LPC academic lectures are usually held in the morning and may be occasionally hosted in larger conference rooms to allow for wider participation.
Advanced (no cost) registration is required for participation in these events (see registration link on the respective Indico agenda).

2018 HATS@LPC (and lectures)

2017 HATS@LPC (and lectures)

2016 HATS@LPC (and lectures)




  • Modern tools for interactive analysis HATS@LPC (November 20, 2013) - Indico Agenda
  • How to get an Industry Job (November 13, 2013) - Indico Agenda
  • Photons- Hands-on Tutorial Session (HATS) at LPC (HATS@LPC) (October 10-11, 2013) - Indico Agenda
  • GooFit HATS@LPC (September 16-18, 2013) - Indico Agenda
  • Pile-up - Hands-on Tutorial Session (HATS) at LPC (Aug 8, 2013) - Indico Agenda
  • LPC Trigger Event (August 7, 2013) - Indico Agenda
  • PPD/GED Event (July 23-24, 2013) - Indico Agenda
  • Stat II - Hands-on Tutorial Session (HATS) at LPC (June 26, 2013) - Indico Agenda
  • Stat I - Hands-on Tutorial Session (HATS) at LPC (June 12, 2013) - Indico Agenda
  • Jet-Substructure Hands-on Tutorial Session(HATS) at LPC (May 29, 2013) - Indico Agenda

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