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  • LPC Support:
  • Physics Computing
    Gabriele Benelli
      Brown University
      gabriele.benelli at
      (630) 840-2498.
    Marguerite Tonjes
      University of Illinois, Chicago
      tonjes at
      (630) 840-2859.
  • LPC Computing links
  • Submit a trouble ticket with ServiceNow
    • Use your Fermilab services username and password
    • Scroll down to the "Scientific Computing" category and choose the right topic
    • If you are unsure what topic to choose in "Scientific Computing", instead use the "General Requests"... "General Request" category to put in a Request.
      • Be sure to put in your experiment in the pull-down menu as E-892/919 (CMS)
        • Note you can type *CMS and stop typing and it will bring up choices of which E-892/919 (CMS) is the first.
        • Click on the magnifying glass icon to the right, and then you can type CMS in the separate search menu window which opens, E-892/919 (CMS) should be the first option.
        • Note that putting CMS and then clicking the magnifying glass icon searches by "Name starts with" and won't fine E-892/919 (CMS), so you should use the above options.
      • Add the LPC Computing support person to the watch list (search for their name with the magnifying glass tool)
    • You can also contact the Fermilab Service Desk at the ground floor of Wilson Hall 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday-Friday, or phone 630-840-2345
  • Community support mailing list: lpc-howto (click here to self-subscribe)
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    • Click HERE TO EMAIL lpc-howto - Note, you must be subscribed to the lpc-howto list to email it
  • LPC System Status monitors including News/downtimes
  • Useful information at Visiting the LPC, including other email lists to stay connected
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  • LPC Coordinators:
  • Contact
    Cecilia E. Gerber
      University of Illinois, Chicago
      gerber at
      (630) 840-8295.
    Boaz Klima
      klima at
      (630) 840-2323.