LPC Distinguished Researcher


Alexey Ferapontov

What I will be working on:

I will continue working on searches for new physics in energetic final states enriched with jets ("high-HT searches"). Examples of such new phenomena are axigluons, colorons, etc. I also plan to focus on searches for Supersymmetry signatures with low missing transverse energy ("Stealth SUSY") that contain a large number of jets and either photons or leptons (from W or Z boson decays), as well as RPV SUSY.

My role in CMS past and present:

Since the beginning of my career in the CMS, I have been an active member of the Exotica group and performing high-HT searches. I have been one of the original developers of the data-driven background estimate known as the ST-scaling. This technique has been successfully applied to the searches for the black holes, eight-jet search, and later to the searches in the SUSY analyses (I am also an active member of the SUSY group now).

I have been an Exotica Group Monte Carlo contact person for three years, where my task was to test and process Exotica Monte Carlo requests and ensure a timely submission and speedy processing of samples on central computing farms. This my e#ort has led to many outstanding results and publications within the CMS Collaboration As for the detector work, I have been working with the Trigger Studies Group since 2009, where I took part in the HLT menus rates studies and validation. Since 2013, I am the Monte Carlo contact person for the TSG/STEAM.