LPC Distinguished Researcher


Hwidong Yoo



What I will be working on:

My research interest is to discover new phenomena beyond the Standard Model (SM). As a LPC fellow, I will focus on the EXO Z' search, which the Z' decays into leptons. In addition, I will continue to work the Drell-Yan differential cross section measurement to understand the SM physics to discover new physics, which the Drell-Yan process is a dominant background in the dilepton searches. For the detector research, I will continue to work the upgrade of Level-3 muon trigger for 2015 operation.

My role in CMS past and present:

My role in CMS past and present: Since 2008, I have worked in many crucial topics for both detector and physics: Level-3 muon trigger, trigger online DQM, SM physics, EXO physics. I have served as the co-convener for SMP-Vector Boson group during 2012-2013 and currently serve as LUM POG co-convener from 2014. y