LPC Distinguished Researcher



Jake Anderson

What I will be working on:

During the next year I will be focusing on the upgrade of the CMS hadron calorimeter. This includes improving simulation descriptions and reconstruction algorithms to better quantify the performance of the upgraded calorimeter and also explore achieving better performance using the the Hcal's current geometry and configuration. In addition, I will continue studying electroweak symmetry breaking in the lepton + jets + missing energy final state.

My role in CMS past and present:

I have been an important member of the analysis teams that discovered Upsilon suppression in heavy ion collisions. I am also a key member of the analysis of a leptonic W boson + jets searches, looking for the Higgs boson, the 150 GeV bump observed at CDF, and anomalous triple-gauge-coupling in WW events. I am active contributor to the Hcal, including the HO SiPM project and the phase I upgrade. I developed much of the upgrade simulation for the Hcal and serve as the leader of the upgrade simulation effort since 2011.