LPC Distinguished Researcher


Jim Dolen



What I will be working on:

Taking a leading role in the testing and assembly of sensor modules for the CMS forward pixel detector (FPIX) phase-1 upgrade project. Working on algorithms that will improve jet-substructure performance at very high pileup and applying these tools to new searches.

My role in CMS past and present:

My main contributions to CMS have been to searches for new particles with boosted topologies. I helped to pioneer new algorithms which identify boosted top quarks and W bosons using jet-substructure and I have used these techniques to search for high mass top quark resonances. I have been an instructor at the CMS Data Analysis School (CMSDAS) and also taught the Hands-on Advanced Training Session (HATS) on jet-substructure at the LPC. I participated in the operation of the CMS detector and served as an on-call expert for the Cathode Strip Chamber (CSC) detector.