LPC Distinguished Researcher



Sanjay Padhi

What I will be working on:

With the CMS LPC Fellowship, I plan to explore and develop tools and techniques for searches of SUSY with Higgs in the final state (in the gaugino/higgsino sector). This study has a strong potential to provide evidence of new physics or universal limits on the higgsino mass (in absence of any enhancement) by decoupling several of the SUSY model assumptions. In absence of enhancement, I plan to perform sensitivity studies for physics justification of the detector upgrade assuming high energy/luminosity conditions.

My role in CMS past and present:

With an appointment as a Scientist at UCSD in 2008, I joined the CMS Collaboration and was responsible for all aspects related to the distributed analysis infrastructure within CMS Analysis Operations. In addition, I led the initial SUSY sensitivity studies before the data?-taking, including creating and validating data?-driven methods using 36 nb?-1 of data, first search results with same?-sign dileptons in the final state using 36 pb?-1 and more recently 4.98 fb?-1 of integrated luminosity. In parallel, I played a major role in developing new search topologies/techniques as the CMS SUSY representative, including initiating SUSY workshops at the LHC Physics Center at CERN. Currently, I am a co-convener of the CMS Generator physics group responsible for all aspects related to physics content, new tools and generators, as well as future directions in higher order physics processes.