LPC Distinguished Researcher


Daniel Duggan

What I will be working on:

I am leading the upgrade effort for the online DQM framework in preparation for Run II, including the development of an interface to the new file-based data aquisition system. In addition, I continue to work to complete the DQM transition to the CMSSW multithreaded framework, the further integration of tools for the DQM system with the web-based monitoring group, and the coordination data certification preparation for 2015.

My role in CMS past and present:

I currently co-convene the data quality monitoring and data certification group, and in the past I have worked as a DQM convenor for tracking and the tracker detector group. For my physics research, I have lead analyses focusing on R-parity violating decays of supersymmetric particles that result in all hadronic final states. This work led me to build a number of CMS's multijet triggers, as well as heading the Exotica HLT group in 2013.