LPC Distinguished Researcher


Norbert Neumeister


Purdue University

What I will be working on:

My main physics interest is discovering new physics beyond the Standard Model. I will continue to work on searches for new particles in dilepton final states, especially the search for additional heavy neutral gauge bosons in the dimuon channel. In addition, I plan to work on the development of muon reconstruction algorithms and the upgrade of the High-Level Trigger.

My role in CMS past and present:

I have been a member of the CMS collaboration since the early design phase, joining in 1993. My research focus is on precision measurements and searches for new physics using multi-lepton final states. During the time from the anticipated LHC start-up in 2007 to the first data taking, I worked on the physics commissioning of the detector with cosmic muons. After the LHC start-up I worked on the first measurement of the Z cross section, the differential and double differential Drell-Yan cross section and the search for high-mass resonances in the dimuon channel. My physics focus for Run 2 is on searches for new physics using events with two or more leptons (electrons or muons) in the final state. This is also motivated by my interest and expertise in muon reconstruction and triggering. I have been co-convener of the CMS reconstruction software project (2004 roup (2007). Since 2005 I am the PI of the USCMS Tier-2 center at Purdue.