LPC Distinguished Researcher


Roberto Rossin


University of Padua

What I will be working on:

In the past two years, I have focused my research activity on the development of a simulation framework for the CMS Track Trigger (TT) upgrade project (Phase 2). The studies carried with the simulation lead to the development of several new approaches and algorithms that optimized the system to a point that there is now no doubt on the feasibility of the entire project. I am continuing this effort and extending it toward the integration of the information of the muon chambers with the one from the tracker with the goal of building combined L1 muon candidates, thus taking advantage of the high track parameter resolution of the TT and the particle-Id of the muon chambers.

My role in CMS past and present:

I have been a member of the CMS collaboration since before the LHC startup, joining in 2007. My research interests are mainly in searches for physics beyond standard model, namely signatures with hadronic final states and missing transverse energy (MET). At the LHC start-up I have been convener of the SUSY hadronic group. I later focused on the searches for the direct production of pairs of scalar top partners. During the first two years of data taking I have also been a convener of the CMS Trigger Menu Development group. For the LHC Run 2 I shifted my focus on signatures with two vector bosons decaying to b-quarks and neutrinos. I am also deeply involved in the L1 Track Trigger upgrade for the high luminosity LHC, mainly in the performance simulation and algorithm optimization for the associative memory approach.