LPC Distinguished Researcher


Indara Suarez


University of California, Santa Barbara

What I will be working on:

During my stay at Fermilab as a DR, I plan to develop searches for physics beyond the SM that will be important during the HL-LHC era. I will join the ongoing effort being led by Anadi Canepa with the focus on evaluating the potential to exploit VBF production of potential new particles in scenarios of dark matter and supersymmetry with the proposed detector upgrade scenarios. Furthermore, I will also contribute to the heavy-object tagging working group recently formed in the SUSY group. Within this working group, I will advance top tagging techniques to help us better exploit the data collected during Run-2, such as in the search of top- squarks in the single-lepton final state.

My role in CMS past and present:

I joined CMS as a PhD student in 2010 working on searches for new heavy resonances decaying into ditau final states. I also played a leading role in the development, integration, and commissioning of new electronics for the innermost muon endcap Cathode Strip Chamber (CSC) chambers in preparation for the LHC Run 2 data taking. I am currently working co-leading the CMS sub-group working on search for top squark pair production characterized by a final state with a single lepton and large missing transverse energy (MET). In addition, I am the Detector Performance Group convener for the CSC muon subsystem.