LPC Distinguished Researcher


Kevin J. Pedro


Fermi National Laboratory

What I will be working on:

I am leading a search for semi-visible jets, which are jets containing a mixture of visible and invisible particles. This is a novel signature that can arise from hidden sector models. I also work on software development for the Phase 2 detector upgrades, focusing on simulations and reconstruction algorithms for the High Granularity Calorimeter. One of my goals is to take advantage of new computing resources such as GPUs, coprocessors, and high performance computing.

My role in CMS past and present:

I have significant experience searching for supersymmetry and other exotic models of new physics, typically focusing on hadronic final states. Such models include third-generation leptoquarks (my thesis research) and direct gluino and squark production. I have also made major contributions to the CMS upgrade projects, primarily in the calorimeter systems. I am currently the L2 Upgrade Software Coordinator in the offline and computing group, and I have also been a co-convener for HCAL offline software, after some time as a leading developer in the HCAL Phase 1 Software Task Force. At the LPC, I have taught at the Data Analysis School and Hands-on Advanced Tutorial Sessions for several years, as well as organizing numerous workshops and office hours.