LPC Distinguished Researcher


Rishi Patel


University of Colorado: Boulder

What I will be working on:

My primary research has been in Supersymmetry searches with hadronic signatures. I am continuing to work on an inclusive search with jets and missing energy in the 2017 SUSY data. This search covers a wide range of SUSY signatures and provides a benchmark for targeted searches. I also work on searches with boosted Higgs bosons and vector bosons targeting models with Higgsinos or Heavy higgs decays. I am a convener for the SUSY photons group which involves guiding targeted photon(s) + MET signatures through the review process and also organizing a combination of the photon analyses into a search for Gauge-Mediated Supersymmetry. I will continue working on the HL-LHC upgrade of the CMS detector which will further the reach of these searches for new physics. I have been investigating the capabilities of a track trigger to boost the new physics event rate that we might be currently missing while suppressing the huge event rate from pileup interactions. This project combines my knowledge of potential Beyond Standard Model signatures with the opportunity to further learn hardware and detector design details during the development of the trigger. I would like to expand this project from studies just based within the Track Trigger to the a full L1 Global correlator.

My role in CMS past and present:

I started my work in the CMS collaboration with the search and discovery of a Standard model Higgs boson decaying to two photons. The expertise I learned in this group paved the way for me to work as convener in the SUSY photon group and collaborate to build an inclusive search for new physics with jets and missing energy. I combined my past and present work to look for Higgs bosons in the context of Supersymmetry, and I hope I can extend this further into a combined search with boosted bosons. Like all experimental physicists I like to set my sights on a future with bigger and better detectors which further our reach into the new physics phase space. The L1 Track Trigger is an essential part of the L1 design for the CMS detector at high luminosity. This challenging project tests the creativity of experimentalists to both extend sensitivity to new physics while designing a trigger menu under the hardware constraints.