LPC Distinguished Researcher


Jan-Frederik Schulte


Purdue University

What I will be working on:

I work on a searches for new physics in high mass dilepton events with both resonant and non-resonant signatures. My focus is mostly on the statistical analysis and further developing analysis techniques. Making use of angular information and studying in detail the interference between signal and Standard Model background will improve our sensitivity to new phenomena. I am also Tracking POG co-convener, ensuring a successful conclusion of the Run 2 data taking as well as coordinating the CMS efforts on improving the track reconstruction for Run 3 and beyond by updating existing algorithms or applying novel techniques. I am interested in working on new machine learning techniques in that area.

My role in CMS past and present:

I have been active in searches for new physics both in EXO and SUSY PAGs since 2011, with a focus on leptonic searches, either for new high mass vector bosons or dilepton edge signatures in SUSY. Currently I am working towards the Run 2 legacy result for the high mass dilepton searches. I have been involved in tracker alignment before gravitating to tracking. There I have been responsible for tracking in the HLT for the last couple of years, updating it to make use of the Phase-1 pixel detector, before becoming Tracking POG convener recently in September 2018.