LPC Distinguished Researcher


Aran Garcia-Bellido



What I will be working on:

I plan to probe the top quark precision frontier with measurements of the top quark color flow, and its coupling to the Higgs boson. Understanding the physics of top quark production and decays now requires new ways to advance in reducing the theoretical uncertainties that dominate the measurements. This is also critical for discovering new physics. I will also work on a novel search for strongly coupled dark matter in the all hadronic final state. Furthermore, I plan to be involved in the upgrade of the CMS High Granularity Calorimeter, in particular the plastic scintillator sections with test beam R&D and assembly.

My role in CMS past and present:

I've worked on HCAL operations as Prompt Feedback Group convener, trigger primitives deployment, and the R&D for plastic scintillator radiation damage and upgrade. My group has been involved in searches for Supersymmetry, and top quark precision measurements in CMS since 2009.