LPC Distinguished Researcher


Hannsjörg Weber


Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

What I will be working on:

With the collection of the full run-2 dataset, I will work, in close collaboration with several LPC-based institutions, on the search for the standard model production of three heavy gauge bosons (such as the triple-W boson), as well to develop a plan for a common interpretation of this analysis with other multiboson analyses. In addition, I will work on the CMS Phase-2 upgrade for the Outer Tracker. My responsibility lies in establishing and designing the quality control program for the macropixel subassemblies, one of the two active layers in 5'000 of the silicon modules needed for the CMS Phase-2 upgrade of the CMS outer tracker.

My role in CMS past and present:

I joined CMS in 2010 and since then I worked on searches for supersymmetry. I performed a search for the pair production of top squarks in the single-lepton channel using the full run-2 dataset. From 2017 to 2019, I was convener of the SUSY PAG subgroup for searches of stop, sbottom, and staus production. I also coordinate the a standard model analysis targeted towards the observation of triple heavy gauge boson events (such as pp --> WWW). I also was involved in the phase-1 forward pixel detector upgrade: I was responsible for the testing of service electronics, and I co-led both the assembly and commissioning of the forward detector. Now I am working on the CMS Phase-2 upgrade of the CMS outer tracker.