LPC Distinguished Researcher


Clemens Lange



What I will be working on:

As an LPC Distinguished Researcher, I will be working on automating physics object calibration workflows and making them reproducible. The focus will hereby lie on calibration jet energy calibration. Closely linked to that, I plan to explore novel high energy physics workload execution strategies. With continuously growing data sets, the overall computing model used in HEP needs to be reimagined to effectively make use of the available resources. This, however, will also require training students and researchers to which I will contribute as part of the Hands-On Advanced Tutorial Sessions. On the physics analysis side, I will work on developing competitive searches for new physics. There is a continuous flow of new ideas on where new physics could be hiding in yet unexplored final states. These will have to be investigated using the existing LHC Run-2 data set and evaluating how sensitivity can be increased in view of Run-3.

My role in CMS past and present:

I have been a member of the CMS collaboration since 2013, involved in searches for MSSM Higgs bosons and beyond the standard model diboson resonances in a large number of final states. Having previously served as Beyond-Two-Generation (B2G) dibosons and also Jet/MET algorithms and reconstruction subgroup convener, I am currently leading the B2G physics analysis group. Initially also working on the pixel detector data acquisition at the University of Zurich, I am working on the CMS Phase-2 upgrade since joining CERN in 2016, focussing on the Highly Granular Endcap Calorimeter. I am strongly involved in the CMS Data Preservation and Open Access group trying to make physics analyses reusable using modern computing tools, and teaching the use of those to a large number of physicists.