LPC Distinguished Researcher


Emanuele Usai


Brown University

What I will be working on:

My research program for the year 2021 will focus on three different tracks. The first track is represented by hardware development for the Phase 2 upgrade of the CMS detector. Over 90% of the data collected by the LHC program will be collected in the HL-LHC phase. For this track I will be working on Outer Tracker upgrade modules assembly. The second track concerns a search for the very rare four top standard model production. This includes a full Run2 data set combination and preparations for the next data-taking periods. In particular, in the context of preparation for Run3 and beyond, I will focus on the development of advanced Machine Learning and computing tools in order to tackle the challenges of harsher data taking conditions, and take advantage of the Phase 2 upgraded detector. The third track is represented by creating and maintaining a cluster of expertise in data preservation, analysis reproducibility, and open access at the LPC. This include crafting tools and strategies for preservation of high-profile measurements and searches for new physics at 13 TeV.

My role in CMS past and present:

  • “Very Heavy Fermions” L3 convener in the Beyond Two Generations Group (B2G) (2020)
  • “Future New Physics” L3 convener in the Physics Upgrade Studies Group (UPSG) (2019)
  • Search for four top production in the single lepton final state
  • Various analyses in the B2G group (Z’ > ttbar, Z’ > T’ t)
  • Cross section measurement of chi_c and chi_b mesons
  • Various contributions to boosted B tagging calibration and jet substructure algorithms development
  • Hardware: Outer tracker modules assembly, ECAL monitoring
  • Member of the CMS Career Committee