LPC Distinguished Researcher


Henning Kirschenmann


Helsinki Institute of Physics

What I will be working on:

I am excited to follow up on work for a generically applicable jet-energy regression using ML techniques. In addition, I plan to connect to the ongoing analyses in the VBF production mode and multiboson (VBS) analyses. Given the important role of forward jets in these topologies, I will use the opportunity to raise the awareness of the efforts going into the forward jet calibration, combining information from multiple channels. Ideally, this will stimulate new activities in the direction of better forward jet performance in Run2/3, already well in advance of the advent of HGCAL and forward tracking. Related to VBS activities, I want to follow up on the idea of adding wide jet polarization tagging to the experiment's toolbox.

My role in CMS past and present:

I joined CMS as an undergraduate student in 2010 and have been a long-term key player for jet-energy corrections and their associated uncertainties. I have been working on precision standard model measurements, such as the top quark mass, as well as on searches for new physics, in particular the search for gluinos with decays to four top quarks in the final state. Currently, I am co-convener of the JetMET-POG, after convenerships in the standard model physics subgroup for analyses in hadronic final states (SMP-HAD 2019-2020), the JERC (2017-2018), and the JetMET trigger group (2015-2016).