LPC Distinguished Researcher


Kevin Nash



What I will be working on:

My research at the LPC will be focused on the HL-LHC upgrade to the CMS outer tracker, and the development of cutting edge machine learning algorithms and the application to BSM searches. Specifically, I will. be working on extending the analysis reach of the ImageMD tagging network and producing the next generation of taggers. For this, I will be investigating the applicability to merged BSM jet tagging, converting to an autoencoder for anomaly detection, and incorporating the latest advances in neural network architecture. My HL-LHC upgrade work will be centered on the outer tracker, where I will be implementing the DAQ for the outer tracker electronics for both the MPA and SSA readout chips.

My role in CMS past and present:

I joined the CMS Collaboration in 2010 as a graduate student at Johns Hopkins University. I obtained my Ph.D in 2015. based on the development of boosted top tagging techniques and the application to W' searches. After this, I joined Rutgers University as a Post-doctoral Research Associate where my BSM search efforts have continued along with contributions to the HL-LHC upgrade. Much of my CMS contribution has been associated with the B2G and JME groups. I have served as a JMAR subgroup convener from 2017 to 2018 and then a B2G:Resonances subgroup convener from 2018 to present. I have contributed to the upgrade project through MPA software and the first beam tests as the FTBF T1209 spokesperson.