LPC Distinguished Researcher


Philip Chang



What I will be working on:

I will be working on developing a novel search program of VBS multi-boson production with Higgs bosons in the final states to probe the Higgs self-coupling, Higgs-gauge quartic coupling, and custodial symmetry among others. I will also continue my existing effort on the search for the BSM effects in the triboson production in semi-leptonic final states as well. Also, I will be developing parallelizable tracking algorithm for HL-LHC that will be suitable to be deployed in modern architecture such as the GPUs.

My role in CMS past and present:

Since joining CMS in 2017, I worked on developing the searches for rare three massive gauge boson processes in WWW, WWZ, WZZ, and ZZZ. The searches were performed over a wide range of final states covering same-sign dileptons, three, four, five, and six-lepton final states. It established first observation of three massive gauge boson process and also evidences for WWW, and WWZ. I have also recently started the role as the CMS contact for LHC electroweak working group multiboson subgroup. I have also been developing tracking algorithm for Phase-2 CMS outer tracker.