LPC Distinguished Researcher


Daniel Spitzbart


Boston University

What I will be working on:

I will be working on developing readout electronics and test software for the endcap timing layer (ETL) of the CMS Phase II upgrade. Test stands are currently set up at our lab at Boston University which will be used to develop full system tests for the ETL. FNAL is one of the prototyping and production sites of ETL modules, and I will set up a similar test stand in order to facilitate on-site testing of modules together with the readout electronics. Additionally, I'm leading the first search for the top quark – W boson scattering process. The corresponding scattering amplitude is very sensitive to the coupling of top quarks to the SM bosons. A potential deviation from SM predictions would be a first hint for physics beyond the SM.

My role in CMS past and present:

I joined the CMS experiment just before the start of Run 2. Since then I have been involved in a broad range of searches for supersymmetry, from gluinos to top squarks and electroweakinos. Most notably I lead the combination of the Run 2 top squark searches, yielding the most stringent constraints on top squarks to date. I served as SUSY MC contact 2017-2019. I'm currently co-convener of the future new physics (FNP) group within the UPS group, mainly coordinating the CMS contributions to Snowmass 2021.