LPC Distinguished Researcher


Daniel Spitzbart


Boston University

What I will be working on:

I will be working on further developing the frontend electronics and optimizing the mechanical design and layout of the endcap timing layer (ETL) of the CMS Phase II upgrade. Important next milestones are tests of the next version of the ETL readout chip (ETROC) in a realistic sensor module together with the frontend and backend electronics. I will closely work with experts at FNAL to prepare the existing test setups for a first test beam campaign at FNAL. Additionally, I'm extensively studying the potential of the MIP timing detector to discover new physics beyond the SM through time-delayed detection of particles. One promising example is a new search for time-delayed electrons originating from Higgs boson decays to right-handed neutrinos.

My role in CMS past and present:

I joined the CMS experiment just before the start of Run 2. Since then I have been involved in a broad range of searches for supersymmetry, from gluinos to top squarks and electroweakinos. Most notably I lead the combination of the Run 2 top squark searches, yielding the most stringent constraints on top squarks to date. I served as SUSY MC contact 2017-2019. I'm currently co-convener of the future new physics (FNP) group within the UPS group, mainly coordinating the CMS contributions to Snowmass 2021.