LPC Distinguished Researcher


Deborah Pinna


University of Wisconsin - Madison

What I will be working on:

As an LPC Distinguished Researcher, I will be working on data analyses such as dark matter searches and measurements of rare standard model processes. In particular, I will focus on exploring events where dark matter particles are produced in association with top quarks in the boosted regime. In addition, I will work on precision measurements of triple top quark production, where deviations from the standard model expectation could also hint the presence of new physics. I will also contribute to Run 3 trigger development and studies, exploiting for e.g. the usage of GPUs at HLT or scouting.

My role in CMS past and present:

I am currently a Scientist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a member of the CMS collaboration since 2012. I have been actively involved in searches for dark matter since my PhD at the University of Zurich, focusing in particular on dark matter searches in final states with top quarks. I was MET+X subgroup convener, then L2 STEAM convener and I am currently leading the B2G physics analysis group. I have also worked on the pixel detector monitoring and calibrations, and I am now involved in HLT rate studies for Run 3 using CPU and GPU.