LPC Distinguished Researcher


Jingyu Luo


Brown University

What I will be working on:

I’ll be working on developing a set of new techniques for displaced-jets search(es), which utilize the power of the CMS inner tracking system to look for hadronic decays of exotic long-lived particles (LLPs). The new techniques include new displaced-jet triggers, new vertex reconstruction algorithm, and new advanced machine-learning algorithm to exploit the physics information inside the LLP decay systems as much as possible. These developments are aimed at significantly pushing the boundaries of our capability in probing challenging LLP signatures, and will serve as the foundations of new LLP searches in Run 3 and beyond. I will also continue to work on developing new flavor tagging algorithms using advanced machine learning tools, and the HL-LHC upgrade of the CMS outer tracker.

My role in CMS past and present:

I joined CMS in 2015 as a graduate student. I developed and accomplished the full analysis of the Run-2 inclusive displaced-jet search of CMS, which provides the current best sensitivities to a large variety of long-lived models with hadronic decays. I also made major contributions to the luminosity measurements based on pixel cluster counting and HF calorimeter, which are the main luminometers of CMS in Run 2. I served as the co-convener of the BRIL DPG group from 2019 to 2020. Right now I'm also working on a search for charged Higgs decaying to top and bottom quarks, which is usually the dominating decay mode of charged Higgs when its mass is larger than 200 GeV. For this search I have developed and implemented a set of new analysis techniques that can significantly improve the sensitivities to this important signature.