LPC Distinguished Researcher


Robert Schöfbeck



What I will be working on:

At the LPC, I will explore SM-EFT in searches and measurements in the Top & Higgs sectors with new dedicated machine learning algorithms. With the LPC Distinguished Researcher mandate and together with younger colleagues, I will work on making high-dimensional SM-EFT results a reality.

My role in CMS past and present:

Robert Schöfbeck joined the CMS experiment in 2008 after a PhD in theory and has since been working on SUSY searches, top quark precision measurements, SM-EFT interpretations, and the reconstruction of jets and missing energy. Following a postdoctoral position at UGent and a position as Scientific Associate at CERN, he now leads a research group at HEPHY/Vienna, where he is also involved in searches for long-lived and displaced particles and leads efforts to develop novel ML algorithms for global SM-EFT analyses. He served the collaboration as POG L2 and L3 convener in the JetMET, and as PAG L3 (TOP-TMB, UPSG -FSM).