LPC Distinguished Researcher


Alice Bean


University of Kansas

What I will be working on:

The planned focus for the research will be on two things: improving CMS analysis tools for finding low pT objects such as electrons and b-jet secondary vertices used for searches in compressed SUSY, and exploring brain inspired improvements to readout for precision space and time detection.

My role in CMS past and present:

Bean has been a longstanding member of the tracker group, originally helping to build the Tracker Outer Barrel detector, then helping to develop the Phase I pixel detector, and now building the HL-LHC inner tracking detector (leading the electronic link design and construction). As a principal investigator, she procured NSF funding for the development of the Phase-1 Upgrade as well as to bring 50 students (including undergraduates) to Switzerland for a Partnerships in International Research and Education (PIRE) grant. She was Co-Chair of the CMS Awards Committee from 2017-2020. Previously, Bean contributed to analysis projects for B-physics, tHq, searches for vector-like t’, and lately, to a general search for compressed SUSY final states.