LPC Distinguished Researcher


Keith Ulmer



What I will be working on:

As an LPC DR, I will be working with the LPC community to enhance our triggering capabilities. This work includes the development of an unsupervised machine learning algorithm for anomaly detection implemented in the Level 1 hardware. We aim to record anomalous events in Run 3 that were previously inaccessible due to trigger limitations. Based on these triggers, I will explore analysis opportunities for new dark sector searches such as emerging jets and soft unclustered energy patterns (SUEPs). Looking forward to the HL-LHC, I will continue my work developing charged particle tracking for the L1 trigger as well as exploring new signatures for beyond the standard model physics such as long-lived particles decaying to displaced jets.

My role in CMS past and present:

Professor Ulmer joined the CMS Collaboration in 2007. He currently serves as co-leader of the USCMS Phase 2 Trigger/DAQ upgrade project and as co-leader for the CMS Global Track Trigger project. He has previously served as co-convener for the CMS Supersymmetry search group and in sub-group convener roles in the SUSY and B physics PAGs. He is on the CMS publications committee and has previously served on the CMS conference committee.