LPC Distinguished Researcher


Luigi Marchese


ETH Zurich

What I will be working on:

As an LPC DR, Luigi will work on searches for new physics in the context of B meson decays. He will also focus on the development of trigger strategies aimed at maximizing the CMS potential for searches of new physics, not predicted by the Standard Model of particle physics. This will open a new research line at the LPC, in synergy with other USA institutes. He would like to also explore the opportunity to join the LPC efforts on the upgrade of the CMS experiment, for instance working on the Outer Tracker.

My role in CMS past and present:

Luigi joined the CMS collaboration in 2020 after completing his DPhil at the university of Oxford working on the measurement of the Higgs boson total width with the ATLAS collaboration. In CMS, in 2020-2021 Luigi had a leading role in the ECAL Detector Control System (DCS) group, ensuring a smooth upgrade of the ECAL DCS and safety system in time for the Run 3 data-taking. In parallel, Luigi worked on the first CMS result on the violation of lepton flavour universality using semileptonic decays of Bc mesons. Since 2022 he has been co-leader of the CMS trigger group responsible for the development, commissioning and maintenance of triggers for BPhysics. Luigi is also an active science communicator. In 2021-2022 he was the PI of an outreach project with Disney/Panini, NASA/ESA and LIGO colleagues. Thanks to some Disney characters, Italian kids learned about particle physics, gravitational waves and searches for life on Mars in three Disney stories published in 2022-2023.