LPC Distinguished Researcher


Marko Stamenkovic



What I will be working on:

My main focus as a LPC Distinguished Researcher is to search for new physics beyond the Standard Model through measurements of the Higgs boson self-coupling. I aim to test the vacuum stability of our universe and probe possible scenarios of electro-weak symmetry breaking and phase transitions in the early universe. To achieve this goal, I plan to perform the first simultaneous measurement of the HH and HHH production at the LHC using both Run 2 and Run 3 data, including various decay modes with both b-jets and tau-leptons. As these processes are rare, I hope to demonstrate that the usage of sophisticated machine learning methods, in particular symmetry preserving attention networks, can drastically improve the sensitivity of the CMS detector to multi-Higgs bosons production.

My role in CMS past and present:

I joined CMS in 2022 after completing my PhD in ATLAS. In ATLAS, I’ve contributed to the search for the Higgs-charm coupling, in particular, I have designed the measurement to be statistically independent from he Higgs-bottom coupling measurement. My work opened the possibility to constrain the Higgs-charm coupling for the first time in the combined measurement of the Higgs boson properties. When I joined CMS as a postdoctoral fellow at Brown University, I started a new effort to search for the non-resonant HHH process in the 6 b-jets final state. This new group attracted the attention of some CMS collaborators and became a regular working group meeting. In addition, I joined the HCAL operations and served as a co-convenor of the Prompt Feedback Group in 2023. During 2022 and 2023, I served as Higgs trigger contact, where I monitored the relevant triggers for the Higgs group and also proposed and validated a new trigger strategy in 2023 targeting HH and HHH production. As of September 2023, I am co-leading the H-bb/cc subgroup in the Higgs group, where I ensure that CMS analysers interested in the interaction of the Higgs boson with heavy quarks have the resources they need for their analyses and I help review the physics content of their work.