LPC Distinguished Researcher


Ulascan Sarica



What I will be working on:

I will be working on the development of a CMS-wide coherent program for off-shell Higgs boson measurements. The different analysis directions to explore include performing a full combination with other Higgs boson couplings measurements, the continuation of the development of the standard model and effective field theory phenomenology at off-shell, and a potential combination of Run 2 results with those from the ATLAS experiment. Topical workshops organized at the LPC are expected to be critical to share existing knowledge on different analysis tools within CMS and with theory colleagues, and to address the new challenges for Run 3 off-shell analyses.

My role in CMS past and present:

I joined CMS in 2013 when Higgs boson spin/parity measurements were gaining momentum. Since then, I have been contributing to simulation and data analysis tools development for various Higgs properties measurements within and outside of CMS, including the continuous development of the JHUGen event generator and JHUGenMELA matrix element programs. As part of the off-shell leg of Higgs boson properties measurements, I have also served as the CMS convener for the LHC Higgs Off-shell, High Mass, and Interference Subgroup between 2019 and 2021, and founded the Interpretations Task Force within this subgroup. In addition to analyses of the Higgs boson, I have also been involved with various Run 2 searches for beyond-standard model particles and other measurements of rarer standard model processes.
Part of my contributions in CMS have also been in tracker alignment and the MTD: In tracker alignment studies, I have implemented the alignment and validation procedures to use mass and vertex constraints from dimuon resonances as well as the inclusion of sensor curvature. Studies I performed on the MTD endcap GEANT4 detector geometry have also helped kickstart efforts to implement a more detailed, final geometry in the CMS software.