LPC Fellows



Adam Everett

What I will be working on:

I will have the opportunity to continue the study of muon object selection. This research is an especially important cross-group project that requires significant horizontal communication between the various PAGs and POGs. I would like to expand and coordinate the study of the muon object selection amongst the many US institutions that are contributing to lepton object groups or the many US institutions that are performing research on physics signals that use leptons. In particular, I would like to contribute to and to help to coordinate the selection and background studies for the Drell-Yan measurement analysis, and the exotica resonances in pp collisions analysis. In addition to the selection studies for the Z-prime measurement, another cross-group project to which I will contribute is the special optimization of refit strategies for the high-energy muons.

My role in CMS past and present:

I currently serve as coordinator for global muon reconstruction and L3 muon reconstruction, and I also contribute to the development of release validation tools for the Muon POG. I am contributing to various research efforts in the electroweak and exotica analysis groups focusing on dimuon signatures. The contributions are focused on muon reconstruction efficiencies, muon acceptance, event selection, muon selection, and background estimation and suppression. I have recently helped to develop new algorithms for flagging cosmic muons that could be contaminating a collision data set, and implementing algorithms and strategies for reducing background contamination from decay-in-flight muons and punch-through / sail-through muons. In the past I have served as the convener and contact for the Muon HLT group and for muon, of which I am still an active contributor.