LPC Fellows



Andrew Ivanov

What I will be working on:

Many new physics scenarios predict event signatures with leptons and jets, where the top-anti-top quark production becomes a major background. These include standard model-like and exotic fourth-generation quarks, or supersymmetric top. Due to smallness of their cross sections, the signal from new physics might be buried in the sample of top quarks. Hence a good understanding and modeling of the top quark production and kinematics, and other standard model backgrounds, is required prior to establishing discoveries in the top quark sector. My goal is to study data samples dominant by top quarks, and search for a possible admixture due to new physics processes. Analysis of data accumulated by CMS in 2010 shall be able to establish an evidence of these processes or set stringent limits on these new physics models.

My role in CMS past and present:

I have joined CMS fairly recently, and presently finishing my commitments at CDF and ramping up on physics analyses at CDF. My KSU group has contributed to understanding the electron identification and modeling of the QCD backgrounds for W production, and performed a measurement of the ttbar production cross section using the SHyFT technique, the most precise measurement at CMS.