LPC Fellows



Christian Autermann

What I will be working on:

I will be mainly working on the search for new physics beyond the standard model in particular for supersymmetry. I am interested in the fully hadronic final states which are highly sensitive to a wide range of supersymmetry models and parameter space because of the large branching fraction into jets. I am further interested in photon final states which are sensitive to gauge mediated supersymmetry breaking models, where in the decay of neutralinos the photons are created together with the gravitino, which in this scenario is the lightest sypersymmetric particle. I would like to strengthen the collaboration of my home institute, the Hamburg University and the members of the LPC.

My role in CMS past and present:

I was co-convenor of the hadronic SUSY group 2008-2009 and contributed to the development of the SUSY searches in jets and missing energy "RA2" and in photons, jets and missing energy "RA3". I was co-editor of JHEP 1108 (2011) 155 and the Jet/MET contact person to the PAT group. Students of Hamburg University and I have also made contributions to jet energy resolution measurements J. Inst. 6 (2011) P11002, and missing energy corrections J. Inst. 6 (2011) P09001.