LPC Fellows



Gena Kukartsev

What I will be working on:

Exotica and SUSY PAGs, Analysis Tools group, Statistics Committee

  • Search for Z' -> ee, mumu
  • Search for t' -> l + jets
  • Search for light top quark superpartner
  • CMS and ROOT statistics tools

List of achievements during your fellowship

  • Critical contribution to the Z' -> ee, mumu and to the t' -> l+jets searches, lead the statistical inference projects in both analyses.
  • Results are presented at Moriond 2012 and to be published in PRL and PLB
  • Performance study of CMS MET reconstruction using events with W,Z bosons (JME-10-009). Published in JINST.
  • Continued work on a number of standard CMS tools for statistical inference, which are used in many CMS analyses nowadays

Official roles in CMS

  • Statistics contact for the Exotica PAG (2010 - present)
  • Convener of the Statistics tools group (2011)
  • Convener of the Analysis tools group, level 2 (2012-present)