LPC Fellows



Meenakshi Narain

What I will be working on:

Together with the Brown group and members of the LPC, I will be working on projects associated with BTV POG, Exotica PAG, Higgs PAG. For example:

  • btagging performance measurement
  • Search for W'->tb
  • Search for H -> bb
  • Search for t'
  • Search for Z' decaying to dileptons

My role in CMS past and present:

I am currently co-coordinating the BTV POG for CMS. In the past I was the co-convener of the Resonances subgroup of CMS Exotica Physics Group. My first service task for CMS was co-ordinator for Hadron Calorimeter Databases. Within the LPC, I have served as the Lepton+Jets+Missing ET physics group co-convener and b-tagging group co-convener.