LPC Fellows



Seema Sharma

What I will be working on:

I want to continue searching for signatures of physics beyond standard model in all hadronic final state in proton-proton collision events at centre-of-mass energy of 8 TeV. This final state is characterized by an experimental signature of multiple jets and large missing transverse momentum (MET). In supersymmetric theories, cascade decay of squark or gluino gives rise to a large number of jet and MET is presumed to be originating because of the transverse momentum carried by stable weakly interacting massive particles which do not interact with the detector. We define our phase space for this search using visible energy (sum of pT of jets) and invisible energy (magnitude of negative vector sum pT of jets or MHT) in an event keeping the analysis generic. This allows a possibility to interpret the results of the analysis in any other theoretical scenarions which can give rise to all hadronic final state.

My role in CMS past and present:

  • Response of calorimeters to single particles using isolated tracks (pT 2-30 GeV) in minimum bias collision data.
  • Calibration of HCAL using isolated tracks of momentum in range 40-60 GeV, contributed to development of isolated track trigger and other requirements related to HCAL calibration.
  • Measurement of jet energy resolution using photon+jets events.
  • Co-leading the efforts for Jets+MHT in 2011 (Summer11 results using 1.1 fb-1 data, working towards publication with 5 fb-1 data).