Confronting Theory with Experiment: Puzzles, Challenges and Opportunities in the LHC Era

Thursday and Friday,
17-18 November, 2011

Hosted by: The CTEQ Collaboration, the LHC Physics Centers @ CERN, DESY, & FERMILAB & the ATLAS Physics Analysis Center @ ANL

There will be a variety of topics discussed at the meeting including:

  • Monte Carlo tuning and matching
  • NLO Monte Carlos
  • NLO and NNLO predictions
  • PDFs
  • photons and jets
  • Higgs production
  • quarkonium production

The meeting is designed to promote an informal, loosely structured, working atmosphere between experimentalists and phenomenologists, who are actively confronting precision predictions and comparisons with LHC data. The workshop will be structured with a minimum of talks, so as to maximize the discussion.

More information and registration is at:

Organizing Committee:

  • Richard Cavanaugh, Illinois-Chicago/Fermilab
  • Joey Huston, Michigan State
  • Michelangelo Mangano, CERN
  • Fred Olness, SMU
  • Thomas Schoerner-Sadenius, DESY
  • Ian Shipsey, Purdue
  • Nikos Varelas, Illinois-Chicago
  • Rik Yoshida, Argonne
  • Marek Zielinski, Rochester