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About the program


The LHC Physics Center (LPC) at Fermilab initiated the 'Topic of the Week' (TOTW) program not only to foster interactions between LPC-based experimentalists and the theory community, but also to ensure an efficient connection between the LPC and the broader experimental community.

Visiting TOTW scientists typically give a seminar on a specific topic related to LHC theory/phenomenology or experimental methods and offer "office hours" for follow-up conversations. Not only is the TOTW program immensely useful for LPC collaborators, but we have received feedback that discussions with the wide range of LPC-resident experts are also useful for visitors.

Seminars are generally scheduled for Tuesdays at 3:00PM in Sunrise (WH11NE) and accompanied by coffee and cookies.


Funding for visitors provided by U.S. Department of Energy.


Questions? Suggestions? Email LPC Topic of the Week coordinators at:
lpc-tw@FNAL.GOV, or Yuri Gershtein, Christian Herwig

Topic of the Week Speakers Committee: Freya Blekman, Zeynep Demiragli, Yuri Gershtein, Christian Herwig, Clemens Lange, Ying-Ying Li