Welcome to the LPC

Welcome to the LHC Physics Center:

The LPC serves as a resource and physics analysis hub for physicists in the CMS collaboration.

  1. Accounts/site access:

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  3. Accommodations:

  4. Office Space at the LPC:

    • Many US institutes have a group space which visitors can use in Wilson Hall on the 10th and 11th floor. Contact LPC Coordinators for office space and more information. Short term LPC guests can also work in the Wilson Hall 11th floor crossover.
  5. Events at the LPC:

    There are many activities hosted at the LPC, many can be attended remotely by Vidyo. These serve to educate, inform, collaborate, and assist in analysis and computing.
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    2. To stay connected to the LPC it is important to subscribe to the following mailing lists:
  6. LPC support

    LPC staff is here to help you with your physics and computing problems. In your first days onsite at Fermilab, you are encouraged to have a welcome chat with Gabriele Benelli, Physics Analysis support in Wilson Hall 11E (halfway down on the left). We can connect you with other local users with your analysis interests, EPR, or other CMS activities.

        Getting Help:
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