LPC Guests and Visitors (G&V) Program


The LPC G&V Program was launched in 2010, and since then has resulted in highly productive and successful visits to the LPC by the guests and visitors from the CMS community worldwide. The main aim of the program is to facilitate CMS collaborators to spend time at the LPC and collaborate with other LPC residents/applicants on projects that advance, enrich, and impact the interests of the CMS experiment.

General Guidelines and Policies for the LPC Guests and Visitors Program are here.

As a reference, a preview of the application in PDF format, with the full list of questions in the online form can be found here, feel free to review it and prepare your answers in advance so you have them ready before starting your application.

Proposals are due by Monday, February 13, 2017 and they have to be submitted online using the form available at the link here.

Recommendation letters or cv, if required, should be submitted to Terry Grozis (tgrozis at fnal.gov)

The LPC Guest Program Committee

  • Sridhara Dasu (Wisconsin)
  • Ken Hatakeyama (Baylor, Chair)
  • Avto Kharchilava (SUNY-Buffalo)
  • Yurii Maravin (Kansas State)
  • Jane Nachtman (Iowa)
  • Marco Verzocchi (FNAL)

Ex-Officio: LPC Coordinators

  • Boaz Klima (FNAL)
  • Cecilia E. Gerber (UIC)