LHC Physics Center at Fermilab

Kevin Black
  University of Wisconsin, Madison
  kblack at hep.wisc.edu
  (608) 262-1232
Bo Jayatilaka
  boj at fnal.gov
  (630) 840-5110

The LHC Physics Center (LPC) at Fermilab is a regional center of the Compact Muon Solenoid Collaboration (CMS internal site). The LPC serves as a resource and physics analysis hub primarily for the seven hundred US physicists in the CMS collaboration. The LPC offers a vibrant community of CMS scientists from the US and overseas who play leading roles in analysis of data, in the definition and refinement of physics objects, in detector commissioning, and in the design and development of the detector upgrade. There is close and frequent collaboration with the Fermilab theory community. The LPC provides outstanding computing resources and software support personnel. The proximity of the Tier-1 and the Remote Operations Center allow critical real time connections to the experiment. The LPC offers educational workshops in data analysis, and organizes conferences and seminar series.